The Labyrinth

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"For the longest time, I was so focused on being deaf in my left ear, that I almost forgot my other ear was perfectly fine."

I am over the moon. I love home so very much

Everything about today was so good.

My boyfriend is the best boyfriend.

Sometimes life sucks, but you make the sucky stuff a lot more bearable than before.

I hate absolutely everything about sophomore year so much.

I feel so lonely and like such a failure and all I want is to just be graduated and able to teach and start a career. I’m sick of being so poor and stressed all the time.

I want to go home and I want all of this to go away.

F yeah. 

I am just so in love.

I am .2 seconds away from a major breakdown everyone get the nuts out of my room

I miss Sam so much tonight it isn’t even funny.

So I guess I have a boyfriend now.

That’s a thing.